What is Madness मंडळी?
Madness मंडळी  is a maha mash-up of creative minds each of whom express themselves uniquely. But when their powers combine - the results are bound to be crazy!

So what exactly is The Water Glass Project?
The Water Glass Project (TWGP) is a month-long writing challenge, to produce an original work of collaborative fiction.

Wait, head hurts, can you say that again without jargonese?
Okay, pay attention, this is a writing challenge, means it won’t be easy. It will last for a month, means you get 31 days to write it. And original means no Pritam-giri

You missed that collaborative fiction something part?
Very smart you are paying attention. Collaborative fiction basically means two or more authors come together and write a work of fiction. One story, more than one voice.

Sounds like Ek Titali, Anek Titaliyaan, no?
Do you want to hear about this or not?

Okay okay, so tell me more…
Fine, but no interrupting! So basically teams of not less than TWO and not more than FIVE members, will have to sign up for this challenge and will be given a month to write a novel together. Okay?

Okay but, when is this going to happen?
Registration is open from 1st December 2012 to 30th December 2012.
The actual writing has to happen from 1st January 2013 to 31st January

Teacher, Teacher, how much we have to write?
Between 20,000 to 30,000 words.  We are looking at a page length of about 120 pages.

Will you give us topics?
No! Write whatever you feel like!

Okay, I’ll write something with my friends, but what is in it for us?
If your book wins, we will publish it, and bear the cost of your first print-run* (the number of copies in that print run depends on how much we are able to raise). We will make sure every baccha-baccha knows your name. Famous you will become!

Yay! Where do I sign up and how much do I have to pay?
Our registration page will open up soonly!
Registration is free, BUT we encourage that you to support the project by visiting our pre-order page which will also be up soonly.

Wait a minute. There has to be some catch here.  Will you take away my intellectual property and/or my mother’s gold bangles?
No no! Your copyrights remain with you whether or not you get published. If you do get published we have some terms & conditions, with regards to the published work itself, but you are not bound to Madness Mandali in any way….And tell Auntyji, the gold bangles look very beautiful also!

Since you respect my mother, I will take part in this competition. But if she asks who these Madness Mandali people are, what to tell her?
Already thought of that! You show her this page

Awesome, I’ll do that! But what if I have more questions?
Fikar not, you can always write in to us at madnessmandali@gmail.com, okay?

Now go beta go! Get your friends together and write!