Sunday, September 12, 2010

Visual Poetry Project Final List

  1. Aminath Shareehan Ibrahim
  2. Anjora Noronha
  3. Atul Paranjape
  4. Deepak Sukrutaraj
  5. Deepthi Radhakrishnan
  6. Devdatt Manjrekar
  7. Dhwani Shah
  8. Dinesh Francis
  9. George Supreeth
  10. Jasjyot Singh Hans
  11. Kanchan Dhankani
  12. Kishore Mohan
  13. Madhuri Maram a.k.a Iruhdam
  14. Mira Malhotra
  15. Mrinal Roy
  16. Neha Saini
  17. Ojasvi Mohanty
  18. Poonam Athalye
  19. Prabha Mallya
  20. Priya Sebastian
  21. Rakesh Baidya
  22. Ranganath Krishnamani
  23. Rohit Keluskar
  24. Rosh
  25. Saishraddha Malage
  26. Samita Chatterjee
  27. Sandhya Ramachandran
  28. Santosh Pai
  29. Sharon Jacob
  30. Shilo Shiv Suleman
  31. Sinu Chandrasen
  32. Sonal Goyal
  1. "_________" by Amit Charles aka Scribbler
  2. Braille Rainbow by Annie Zaidi
  3. Word Ogres by Anoopa Anand
  4. Prayer by Asma Ladha
  5. The Parting Shot by Avinash Subramaniam
  6. Homes by Bhaskar Pitla
  7. The Castle by Chaitali Kokate
  8. If Your Desk is Blue Today by Dipalle Parmar-Haworth
  9. For The Love of Me by Eroteme
  10. Fabrications and Altercations by Himali Singh Soin
  11. Abandoned Trains by Janice Pariat
  12. Playing Lego With My Son by Kadambari Sen
  13. Duniya Meri Nazar Se by Kaustubh Panat
  14. Blue Whale in the Rain Speaks of No Trains by Kaveri G
  15. Spring Cleaning by Menka Shivdasani
  16. Burying Love by Monidipa Mondal
  17. No Kissing Allowed Medem by Mrinalani Harchandrai
  18. Thoughts at the Top by Suranga Date
  19. Live On by Nickolai Kinny
  20. Immutable by Paras Sharma
  21. Mrs Aggarwal Forty-Fied by Payal Talreja
  22. A Song of Spring by Raamesh Raghavan
  23. Ripples by Roshni Devi
  24. Droplet in the Sea by Runcil Rebello
  25. Your Calculated Triumph by Sabina Yasmin Rahman
  26. It Will Pass by Samir Alam
  27. Mermaid by Sharanya Manivannan
  28. Interlude by Siddharth Bhatt
  29. Green Song by Sudipta Biswas
  30. Spurts of Red by Sushrut Munje
  31. Cantos for Breakfast by Trisha Bora
  32. Entwine by Upasana Mukherjee
  33. The Circus by Vaishnavi Prasad


  1. Psyched to see the list out! Looking forward to the artists interpretations in the book!

  2. बत्तीस इडल्या ,
    बत्तीस सांबार ,
    वेगवेगळी चव ,
    वेगवेगळा मसाला ,
    आसामंतातल्या वाफा
    मिटक्या मारून हुंग्ताना ,
    वेगळा आग्रह कशाला ?
    :-) :-)

  3. i am disappointed to not to see my name here. i sent a total of 6 or 7 poems. it cannot be that none was selected...

  4. and the poem 'Abandoned' was rather good

  5. Hi Vatsla,
    We understand that you are disappointed. The final poets were chosen out of nearly 500 poems sent to us by over 150 poets all over India. We could certainly not accommodate everyone. We hope you take this in the right spirit and participate in our future projects.

    Madness Mandali

  6. I'm just thrilled I made the longer list :)
    Looking forward to greatness & madness.

    Ps. Cheers to my two fraands who made the list, Woo-hoo!

  7. Look forward to this . Have gone through this list and wistfully wish my name was there as well, but i am so far removed from it all.

    this is such a good effort.

  8. I'm also disappointed to find that my poem was not included in the 'final' list. I guess, I had missed the deadline by a day, hence???

  9. We understand that the final decision has disappointed a lot of you, and that was inevitable in this case.

    We only request that all of you to respect our Editor's final decision and continue to be a part of Madness Mandali.

  10. Congratulations to all the winners.
    I can't wait to see this book!!
    When's it coming, when's it coming??

  11. congrats!

    when is the next competition?:)

  12. Kavikala II will start June 2011. Other projects will start around January 2011

  13. Hi! Can Kavikala I guys join Kavikala II?