Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Water Glass Project simplified

We know all of you are really smart and all but we thought we'll make things simpler, just in case. So here is The Water Glass Project simplified.


So a collaborative writing challenge. Okay?

BUT who?

Well of course, YOU! But let us make it clearer?

You along with a friend or more (upto 4), write a story with more than one voice. Capiche?

How much time do I have? How much to write?

Here, Dobby do the answering...

The challenge will run from 1st January to 31st January, 2013. So get your quills and ink ready.

If you are still reading this horrendously long post, you must be interested, right? Oh yay! Let me the first to welcome you to the Minions.

Officially, you need to register. So that the Manoos has all your details and knows where to find you and your team.

Registrations open from 1st December, 2012 and will be on till midnight of 30th December.

Phew, a full month of writing is tough, I know but think of everything you get in return. A published book! We'll promote, publicize and do everything for your book, including running around in the market with drums. So yes, you can win, yes you can.

So once again, a team of 2 to 5 people write a book with more than one voice in a span of 31 days. The registrations start on 1st December, 2012 and the challenge runs in the month of January.

If at all, you are still confused, need to clarify some doubts, we are always online. Here's our FB page, and our email and our twitter. You can stalk us!

Minion on behalf on the Manoos, signing off!


  1. I have a split personality. Can I be the 5 people?

  2. The voices in your head deserve a special-er audience, don't you think?

  3. Cool! Now tell whats the prize money or my side-kick will come and get you! Oh Oh let me guess - you dont have moolah! right so make the deal clear Manoos!

  4. I have a small doubt.
    Say ,the book is being co written by only two people.In that case,can there be more than two characters in the book,or do they have to stick with two voices/characters only?

    1. Hello.

      Well that would depend on your story and if you can manage with more than 2 characters/voices, go for it, I say.

  5. Doubts.
    1. What is going to stop me from writing the novel before 1st Jan?
    2. Do I have to write it on a word file, or paper, or what?
    3. Where do I submit the novel?

    1. Hey there pretty face (Always wanted to say this),

      1. Nothing does except we have an evil plan with a twist in the table. Mwhahahahah
      2. Word file is good, any online tool is cool, whatever you comfortable with as long as we get a word file at the end of the day i.e 31st jan.
      3. You will submit it to us. How? We shall let you know that in the welcome mail.