Saturday, May 25, 2013

Introducing Sherpa - Madness Mandali's book coaching service.


For the past few days we have been harping about Sherpa on our Facebook page. The response has been amazing. A lot of people have been asking, "Sherpa, Sherpa, kya hai? Yeh Sherpa, Sherpa". So we decided that we do a post for all those shy people who never seem to email us for details.

Sherpa basically is a book coaching service. We will help you publish a book, start to finish. We, after having published KaviKala with a 0 budget realised that self publishing is awesome. We had a pool of awesome artists, literary enthusiasts, book lovers, and writers. So we put together a team of people whose services will be put to used to make your book.
Coming to how this will done, let us elucidate by showing you Mandali's involvement in each stage of production.

Stage 1 is pre-production where we at Mandali will be your book-coaches who annoy/bully/encourage/push you to keep writing. We also promise you unabashed, unbiased constructive criticism/feedback/sarcastic comments on your writing. This will ensure that your plot makes sense, and your characters are strong.
Then comes Stage 2 where we begin fine tuning the editorial aspects of the book. Here a copy-editor will come in and clean up the grammar and spelling, cut away florid and unnecessary sentences and make the copy tight and sharp. And then comes in a proof reader who will literally go through the book word by word and ensure your book is typo free and all the T's are dotted and the I's are crossed.
Finally in Stage 3, our awesome designers will come in and design the interiors (pages) and exterior (cover) of your book! And voila! You have a book that reads like it came from a publishing house much better than the kinds that publish C-Bag and a cover that is pretty friggin awesome as well! We can also get your book made into an e-book after this stage!

Sounds good, right? But expensive? Not at all. 

Fixed costs:
  • Editing
  • proof reading
  • cover design
  • book design
Variable cost:
  • Book coaching
What do these mean? 
1. Book coaching (which is necessary only if you don't have a manuscript ready)- Charges by the month.
[You will have to pay this for at least one month, so that we can suggest edits, give comments, help you understand the strong points of your story]
2. Editing and Proofreading - When you enter this stage, your manuscript will be locked. There will be no major changes after this. Only refining of statements and correction of those silly grammar mistakes than simply seem to evade the eye.
3.Cover Design - Our team shall give you a choice of amazing cover designs and then you shall be spoilt for choice.
4. Book Design - No book is complete until you have all your pages aligned, the font all right, the pages number and type set. That 's what is done here.

By the time, you come here, you shall have a book ready to be printed. This is where our work ends but since, we by this time, would have become your best friends (or worse enemies - but we hoping for the former), we will help you decide if you want to do an eBook and/or if you want to go for print on demand. We will help you negotiate a deal with them. (Your contract is not inclusive of this and you will have a separate one with the publisher). 

That done, soon you shall have the book in your hands and major bookstores. How do you think you will feel then?

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  1. This sounds awesome. I need to get started on that book right now!